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Department for Transport

The  Department for Transport (DfT) are responsible for setting the strategic direction for the rail industry in England and Wales, and are responsible for funding infrastructure through Network Rail.

The DfT are also responsible for the management of rail franchises across the country. West Midlands Rail (WMR) is working with the DfT to write the specification for the next West Midlands Franchise.

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London Midland

London Midland are the current operator of the West Midlands Franchise, they operate train services through the heart of England from London in the south, to Birmingham in the Midlands and Liverpool in the north west.

London Midland have a franchise up to 9 December 2017. They will be succeeded by West Midlands Trains Ltd, a joint venture of Abellio, East Japan Railway Company, and Mistsui & Co Ltd), who will operate the franchise until 2026. 

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Network Rail

Network Rail are the private company who are responsible for running, maintaining and developing Britains railways, including rail tracks, signalling, bridges, tunnels, level crossings, and many key stations.

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Rail North

Rail North is a limited company which brings together Tocal Transport Authorites from across the North of England into one cohesive and proactive body with the aim of devolving the specification of rail franchises in the north of England to local control.

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